Condensyl is a dietary supplement in tablet form designed to restore the oxy-redox balance and the cell viability.

Oxy-redox balance

Each cell must maintain a perfect oxy-redox equilibrium so as to ensure the normal operation of all metabolic processes. It is a dynamic balance which needs continuous adjustments in response to the variable oxidative metabolic and environmental load. The inability of cells to adapt, because of constitutional, environmental and / or nutritional factors, commonly results in an oxidative excess.

Indirect antioxidant activity

The assumption of common antioxidants (direct antioxidants) can promote a reductive shift in metabolism in proportion to the dose but is unable, by definition, to maintain the balance that the cells need. They will always be too weak to correct the imbalance or too strong so as to cause an imbalance in the opposite direction.

The opposite imbalance induced by antioxidants, reductive stress, is just as harmful as oxidative stress and can seriously affect the most delicate functions, first of all reproductive.

Condensyl benefits everyone

It contributes to the maintenance of well-being and to a controlled aging

peaceful equilibrium condensyl

Condensyl is completely devoid of direct antioxidants and exerts its action only by inducing endogenous antioxidant mechanisms that, subject to homeostatic regulation, act as far as necessary and useful to the cell.

Mechanism of Action

Condensyl™ is the first dietary supplement with antioxidant activity to be based on a precise mechanism of action: indirect antioxidant activity through modulation of the enzyme Cystathionine Beta Synthase (CBS).

The substances contained in Condensyl™ provide complete support to the cycle of the carbon atom in order to make the cell vital and efficient and also to provide an excess of SAMe for the activation of the enzyme CBS for the synthesis of GSH. The synthesis of GSH is also supported by the addition of the relevant essential substrates (Vit. B6, cysteine donors, chelated zinc).

Substances in Condensyl: N-acetylcysteine or L-cystine, Opuntia fruit extract (betalains, quercetine), niacin, zinc chelate, vitamin E, riboflavin, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12

Metabolic effects

Activation of the cell to a normal growth and differentiation

Reduction of homocysteine levels

Full efficiency of antioxidant physiological defenses

The antioxidant effect of Condensyl™ is the maximum attainable by the cell by its own. It is by definition greater than that obtainable with direct antioxidants that will act (often in excess) only the specific biochemical reactions involving the specific substances administered and thus affecting only some of the innumerable aspects of oxidative damage.

Conversely, Condensyl™ contains only nutrient substrates devoid of any pharmacological action so, at times when such substances are not necessary (eg. consumption of a richer meal), they will have no effect. One speaks in these cases of self-limiting action that is a prerequisite for the lack of phenomena of overdosage and of excessive effects. Similarly there are no particular limitations on the duration of use.

Indications to support with Condensyl

Condensyl™ is recommended for all those who have high levels of circulating homocysteine and / or high risk of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disease.

However, the remarkable efficacy of antioxidant activation on the one hand and the respect for metabolic physiology on the other one make it the ideal support to fertility and to the health of the pregnancy and of the newborns. In fact, gametogenesis and embryogenesis are among those physiological functions requiring more than others a perfect metabolic balance.

Clinical studies

On the world scene Condensyl™ and Procrelia™ are the first and currently only nutritional brands that are statistically superior to no treatment in improving pregnancy rates in couples resistant to Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) due to a male factor.

The published clinical studies included the most difficult cases, i.e. men with high level of sperm DNA fragmentation or nuclear decondensation, both predictive of impaired fertility, and being part of couples with a history of at least two ART failures. Treatment with Condensyl ™ significantly reduced both indices and the pregnancy occurred only from the patients who reported such improvements. The number and the percentage of pregnancies obtained were not only statistically superior to those obtained in untreated controls, but such as to be perhaps better than expected in couples without the serious risk factors of those included in the studies. It is a revolution that led Condensyl™ to the attention of the international scientific community. These are expected to be confirmed by many studies still underway.

55% of pregnancies with term labor occurred spontaneously, ie before the couple had time to undergo a new ART cycle.

Clinical studies carried out so far have focused on male infertility because it is the model in which it is easier to see and measure any effects. Given the similarity of the problems associated and the results already achieved by Procrelia™ it is expected a similar effectiveness even in female infertility.

Women seeking

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Men seeking

uomo con bambina

The importance of the 1-carbon cycle nutritional support in human male fertility: a preliminary clinical report.

Authors: Maurizio Dattilo, Dominique Cornet, Edouard Amar, Marc Cohen and Yves Menezo

Download the clinical study
human male sperm

Treatment for High Levels of Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Nuclear De condensation: Sequential Treatment with a Potent Antioxidant Followed by Stimulation of the 1-Carbon Cycle vs 1-Carbon Cycle Back-up Alone

Authors: Edouard Amar, Dominique Cornet, Marc Cohen and Yves Ménézo.

Download the clinical study
human sperm

Clinical Evidence for the Importance of 1-Carbon Cycle Support in Subfertile Couples.

Authors: Dominique Cornet, Edouard Amar, Marc Cohen and Yves Ménézo.

Download the clinical study
fecundated oocyte
condensyl parthenogen

Where to buy Condensyl

In markets where Condensyl is licensed to a local distributor, it is available from the retail pharmacies and/or from the website of the distributing companies.

If interested in buying Condensyl from The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, Republic of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, and France must refer to our official licensees in their Countries.



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