Frequently Asked Questions about Condensyl and Procrelia

What are Condensyl and Procrelia?

Condensyl and Procrelia are dietary supplements specifically formulated to support normal physiological maturation of sperm cells.

How are Condensyl and Procrelia presented?

Condensyl and Procrelia are presented as film-coated tablets packaged in high quality aluminum/PVC blisters that preserve integrity throughout their shelf life. Each box contains 2 blisters of 15 tablets each: a total of 30 tablets.

Why the maturation of sperm cells should be supported?

Male gametes, the sperms, undergo a long and complex maturation process resulting in their unique elongated shape and swimming ability. Besides the morphological differentiation, the process involves the perfect reorganisation of the genetic material in preparation for fertilisation and subsequent embryo activation. Female gametes, the oocytes, are as well susceptible to these interactions with the environment.

The environment plays a critical role in influencing the outcome by means of a continuous cross-talk. The signals are used to adapt the gamete’s metabolism in order to endow the embryo with an optimal metabolic state to succeed in the environment after birth.

The contemporary environment is rapidly changing; coupled with modern feeding habits it has the potential to deliver inappropriate signals. These signals, mainly modulated by means of oxidative stress, may negatively affect gamete maturation. The end result may be highly variable: from a mild decrease of fertilisation ability to profound infertility. Other associated problems include early embryo loss, recurrent abortion and predisposition to diseases in adult life of the offspring.

Some degree of damage occurs in many women and in all men: this may be apparent or hidden. The damage may be uncomplicated and of little consequence but may also progress to serious reproductive impairment.

How do Condensyl and Procrelia work?

Condensyl and Procrelia provide a balanced approach to normalising the cellular environment by supporting the cells’ natural regulatory pathways: an approach known as “metabolic activation”. Support for the cellular environment is provided directly to the endogenous defensive systems, ensuring the cell is in a state of continual readiness to deal with any irregularity or threat. The cell’s response should be both effective and proportionate.

In contrast, older methods of attempting to nullify cellular insults relied upon the administration of powerful antioxidants. Whilst they may ameliorate some injurious events they may equally adversely interfere with essential physiological oxidative processes, producing a net negative effect.

What are the active ingredients in Condensyl?

Condensyl contains all the substances needed to activate the two main metabolic pathways supporting sperm maturation: the transsulphuration pathway leading to the synthesis of glutathione, the universal cellular antioxidant, and the one carbon cycle – the main process sustaining cellular growth and differentiation.

These substances have been tailored to include balanced levels of chelated (bioavailable) zinc and several group B vitamins (B2, B3, B6, B9, B12) which are the necessary co-factors for key enzymes and a cysteine donor that is essential for the synthesis of glutathione. Betalaines and quercetine, extracted from the opuntia indica fruits, and some vitamin E are also included to provide passive protection against lipid peroxidation.

What are the active ingredients in Procrelia?

Procrelia contains all the substances contained in Condensyl plus discrete amounts of magnesium as well as carotenoids, polyphenols and esperidine of natural origin. These substances are weak antioxidants intended to provide additional defence against oxidative aggression if/when it occurs and may support a faster correction of oxidative damages while still being respectful of physiological processes.

Who should take Condensyl?

Condensyl is recommended for all men and women who are attempting to conceive, whether or not fertility problems are known. Environmental stress and modern lifestyles can negatively affect gametes in all individuals; it is, therefore, essential that they have adequately maintained defences. Several of the substances provided by Condensyl do not have body reservoirs and temporary deficits may occur even in subjects who usually enjoy a balanced diet. Expecially in men the weakened defence, albeit temporary, has the potential to allow spermatogenesis to be negatively affected.

Supplementation with Condensyl is especially important in men with known sperm defects, seen in a standard spermiogram. In addition, you may be suffering from a specific defect, called sperm nuclear decondensation. Men with a sper DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI) and/or Sperm Decondensation Index (SDI) higher than 20% have a reduced chance of conceiving and may require a longer course of supplementation with Condensyl, sometimes with increased doses. Clinical data have shown that male partners of couples resistant to Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART) may achieve a pregnancy if their DFI and/or SDI gets reduced after treatment with Condensyl.

Supplementation with Condensyl is also particularly promising in women with advanced reproductive age that are particularly suceptible to oxidative damage and in women with Policystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) that exert a specific weakness in the one carbon metabolism, which is supposed to be causal to their insulin resistance, hyperandrogenism and ovulatory disturbances.

What are the effects of Condensyl and Procrelia on the general health and well being?

Procrelia is a pure and safe nutritional support that may be taken by anyone seeking improved health and general well-being. However, it is specifically intended for men with sperm damage due to excessive oxidative aggression. This is usually seen as an increase of the sperm DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI) – a test normally offered to the male partner of couples referred for ART. A DFI higher than 20% is enough to advise a full treatment cycle with Procrelia. Clinical data have shown that male partners of couples resistant to ART may achieve a pregnancy if their DFI gets reduced after treatment with Procrelia.

After initial reduction of the DFI has been achieved with Procrelia, treatment may be continued with Condensyl until a pregnancy occurs.

The clinical data available so far confirm that Procrelia benefits also women fertility to an extent equal if not superior to that already shown in men.

What are the effects of Condensyl and Procrelia on the general health and well being?

Condensyl and Procrelia contain nutritional supplements in balanced amounts; they are not expected to exert any pharmacological activity. If your diet lacks these substances, you will get a direct benefit, otherwise they are simply added nutrients.

People treated with either product enjoy a reduction in their circulating homocysteine, a metabolic end product which is usually recycled into a harmless form. Elevated homocysteine can be a health risk associated with disease states, including cancer and cardiovascular disease. Homocysteine recycling is essential for all cells and especially for proper sperm maturation. The positive  effect of Condensyl and Procrelia on homocysteine recycling positively influences health beyond the positive effect on the sperm cells.

How long will I need to take Condensyl and Procrelia?

In men, the recommended course of treatment is based upon the amount of time it takes for sperm to be produced – over 105 days. Production and maturation is a long-lasting process: about 21 days for replication, about 74 days for complete maturation and a further 20 days to acquire the fertilization ability. In order to achieve an ejaculate whose sperms have developed within a healthy metabolic environment usually requires treatment for 4 months or more.

In women, the recommended course of treatment is based upon the amount of time it takes for a cohort of follicles to develop until the ovulation occurs, which is 3 cycles, i.e.e roughly 3 months.

Clinical experience has shown that subjects who initially only show slow progress were able to develop healthy sperm cells and to achieve a pregnancy only after much longer treatments. On the other hand, benefits can be seen in the short term too. Clinical studies have shown that spontaneous (natural) pregnancies may occur in confirmed ART resistant couples after a short time under Condensyl or Procrelia supplementation.

How much of Condensyl and Procrelia should I take?

The Condensyl box currently advises a dose of 1 tablet per day whereas for Procrelia it is 2. This corresponds to normal physiological requirements of the active ingredients within an otherwise balanced diet.

Sometimes these amounts might be relatively small especially where there is an increased exogenous or endogenous oxidative load. Moreover, a larger prescribed dose may compensate for possible missed doses and guarantee fuller physiological cover.

Finally, clinical studies have shown that patients not achieving targeted sperm improvements on the lower dose can do so after increasing the dose. These are all reasons why your doctor may advise you to go for a higher daily dose. The supplements merely support your own natural defensive mechanisms so, within reasonable limits, negative effects from an elevated dose are not expected.

How should Condensyl and Procrelia be taken?

The tablets should be swallowed together with some water. This can be done at any time during the day, but we advise that you do so at the same time every day so that it becomes routine and your metabolic support is regular and predictable.

If possible, the tablets should be taken between meals because this will increase the bioavailability of hydro-soluble substances. In the event you are under a twice daily schedule we advise that you take the morning dose on an empty stomach, promoting the absorption of water-soluble nutrients, and the second dose with your evening meal, promoting the absorption of the fat-soluble substances.

What should I do if I forget to take Condensyl or Procrelia?

Condensyl and Procrelia are nutritional supplements to be taken as part of a well balanced diet. Skipping a dose does not constitute a problem. Should it happen, just continue your dosing as scheduled. Should you forget several doses, just resume your normal pattern as soon as possible. Taking larger doses at one time would be ineffective at compensating previously skipped doses.

However, there is a clear-cut dose effect so taking a dose that is far lower than suggested may reduce your benefit from the treatment.

Shall I take Condensyl or Procrelia together with other nutritional supplements?

In general terms yes, at least as far as they are real nutritional interventions.

We strongly discourage taking Condensyl or Procrelia together with strong direct antioxidants like vitamin C, CoQ10, selenium and the like.

These substances may induce so-called reductive stress that might nullify the benefit from the gentle and physiological metabolic activation we are targeting. Strong antioxidants have been shown to cause an increase of the sperm decondensation index (SDI), which is very bad for the male fertility potential. Moreover, while taking Condensyl or Procrelia you are already fully supported in your antioxidant capacity and no added benefit is expected if you also use antioxidants for any other reason.

Do Condensyl and Procrelia necessitate a medical prescription?

Condensyl and Procrelia are dietary supplements and do not necessitate a medical prescription.

However, if you are suffering from known fertility problems, and even more if you are under specialistic care, we strongly advise you to assume them only under indication and supervision of your doctor. Indeed, fertility problems are not a banal issue and require a specialistic management. Only your doctor will be able to evaluate the potential usefulness of Condensyl or Procrelia in your specific case, to prescibe the best appropriate diagnostic tests, to evaluate the effects of the treatment and to decide  possible adjustments of dose and duration of the treatment.

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