Procrelia is a dietary supplement in tablet form designed to help the body recover from the effects of oxidative damage without running into problems seen with the common antioxidant treatment

Direct and indirect antioxidant activity

Procrelia™ contains all the substances necessary to support the indirect antioxidant activities already contained in Condensyl™ along with moderate amounts of direct antioxidant activity selected among the least aggressive molecules supplied in natural form, i.e. as highly standardized plant extracts.

Therefore, even Procrelia™ is distinguished by its ability to activate the cell metabolism by supporting the full efficiency of the antioxidant physiological mechanisms. In addition, Procrelia™ contains  direct antioxidants as hesperidin, polyphenols and carotenoids of plant origin to provide extra support to the correction of pre-existing oxidative damages and for faster correction of the indices of cell damage.

Fragmentation of sperm DNA

One major consequence of oxidative stress to sperms is the accumulation of DNA damage. When the damage to the DNA of a single sperm overcomes the sustainable limit it triggers an autodigestive process that tends to eliminate defective cells (apoptosis). This is reflected on the structural characteristics of sperm chromosomes exerting the signs of DNA fragmentation, indicative of advanced and irreversible oxidative damage.

The appearance of fragmentation (cuts) in sperm DNA is a sign that spermatogenesis is disturbed by excessive oxidative damage. The presence of a small number of sperms with fragmented DNA, i.e. intended to be removed, is therefore physiological.

However, if the proportion of spermatozoa defective is high, e.g. > 20%, are also high chances that the entire population of cells have undergone maturation defects that can compromise or greatly reduce the chances of fertilizing both naturally or by Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ART). Also the tecnique of IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is greatly compromised. In fact, even if you select a sperm apparently unscathed, there will be high probability that the same contain hidden defects responsible for delayed or abnormal activation of the embryo.

DNA Fragmented

The fragmentation of the DNA consists of a series of cuts in the molecule so that the same becomes unserviceable. Scissors used by nature are reactive oxygen species.

Procrelia is ideal

for men and women with fertility problems

procrelia parthenogen

Indications to support with Procrelia™

In particular, Procrelia ™ is recommended to men known to carry defects ofsperm maturation as, for example, a high index of DNA fragmentation.

It should be noted that subjects whose semen analysis results in oligospermia ((reduction in the number of sperm), teratospermia (abnormal forms) and asthenospermia (ridotta motilità) (reduced motility) are more likely to suffer at the same time from an increased DNA fragmentation index (DFI) and are as well candidated for the treatment.

The phenomenon of reductive stress with a pathological increase of the decondensation of the sperm nucleus, commonly observed after taking direct antioxidant molecules, is uncommon but still possible even with Procrelia. It may be helpful therefore to complete the treatment cycle with Condensyl™ so to restore the physiological balance.

Substances in Procrelia: N-acetylcysteine or L-cystine, Opuntia fruit extract (betalains, quercetine), magnesium, green tea leaf extract (polyphenols), carotenoids from Dunaliella salina, extract of sweet oranges (hesperidin), niacin, zinc chelate, vitamin E, vitamin B6, riboflavin, folic acid, vitamin B12

Clinical studies

Procrelia™ has been tested in more difficult cases, i.e. couples with a history of at least two ART failures.

Male partners of couples with male factor infertility had a high sperm DNA fragmentation index or a high sperm nucleus decondensation index. In couples with female factor infertility the women suffered from ovualtion anomalies.

Treatment with Procrelia™ of male partners (female partner with no known reproductive problems) significantly reduced both indices of sperm damage and significantly improved the number and the percentage of pregnancies obtained as compared to the untreated couples. Regardless of the statistical significance of the data, the number of clinical pregnancies and live births was exceptionally superior to that expected in the clinical sample of concern.

In couples with male infertility 18% of pregnancies occurred spontaneously, i.e. before the couple had time to undergo a new cycle of ART.

Treatment with Procrelia™ of female partners (men without disease) improved pregnancy rates with an efficacy at least comparable to that recorded in treatment of couples with male issues confirming a strong component of oxidative damage even in female infertility.

In couples with female problem/treatment 67% of pregnancies occurred spontaneously, i.e. before the couple had time to undergo a new cycle of ART.

Clinical Evidence for the Importance of 1-Carbon Cycle Support in Subfertile Couples.

Authors: Dominique Cornet, Edouard Amar, Marc Cohen and Yves Ménézo.

Download the clinical study
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mother and baby

How to take Procrelia


Procrelia™ comes in coated tablets to be taken with water. It can be taken at any time, however intake between meals is preferable.

The dose of two tablets per day covers the nutritional needs in people who follow an otherwise balanced diet. The assumption of a higher dose, although devoid of adverse effects, is unnecessary in the majority of cases. It may, however, be considered to compensate for the frequent skip of doses or to remedy particular food deficits.

Following intake of Procrelia ™ for long periods and / or at high doses it is recommended to undergo a supportive cycle with Condensyl to promote a better balacing of cellular metabolism.

procrelia parthenogen

Where to Buy Procrelia

In markets where Procrelia™ is licensed to a local distributor, it is available from the retail pharmacies and/or from the website of the distributing companies.

If interested in buyingProcrelia™ from The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, Republic of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, and France must refer to our official licensees in their Countries.



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